Snow Day French Toast

I knew snow was coming and before leaving school yesterday, the department head and I conspired in seeing each other Thursday on account of it.

When the fat flakes start to fall and the schools call system sends out an alert that it’s closed, I turn off my alarm clock and dream of a big breakfast.

Snow Day French Toast

400 calories in 2 pieces.

Yields 4-5 pieces

4-5 slices Ezekiel bread (find in freezer at the supermarket #worthit

1/3 cup soy milk

4 fresh eggs from your neighbors chickens

Grade A Vermont maple syrup

1tbs extra virgin olive oil

Mix up the eggs and milk with a fork. Drop your bread in, one slice at a time until saturate.

Heat a skillet or frypan on medium heat. Add the oil. Allow oil to warm and then add battered bread.

Flip when the underside becomes slight brown.

Pile high onto a plate(s), drizzle with your hometown maple syrup and dig in.

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