Perfect makes perfect.

Why perfection in art is a fallacy and what you can do to unravel your creative block.

Through out my art career I have met many challenges while completing pieces. Undermining and negative self talk flooding my head.

“This will never be good enough.”


“Why do I even try when my work will just sit in storage gathering dust.”

My students feel the same way sometimes. I admit that I too have bad days and that it isn’t necessary to hit a home run every time we step up to the plate.

Not everything we do has to be perfect or inspiring. To be honest- a large portion of it won’t be, and that’s ok!

In ceramics I tell students to crush a project that didn’t turn out well, push their clay until it’s a melted pile on the wheel and allow the process to be enough.

The difference between handmade and store bought is that there will be flaws in your art work. These flaws make art unique.

Take the famous line work from Picasso for example, so much detail in the contour lines only to seemingly forget a detail or add it on last minute.

Things that come from the mega stores are mass produced to be ‘perfect’ and look exactly the same. Where is the soul to these pieces, the beautiful flaw that draws me in like a romance?

When we get something right we know it, when somethings not working we can always start again, cut, crush, rip it up or choose to embrace the flaw.

When creativity feels stunted, consider a new medium, take a break, or do something so outrageous with your piece you feel free and out of your element.

Or, as I did tonight, ask your partner for a little input and support.

Remember there is no such thing as perfect, your best is good enough if your continuing to learn and grow as a person.

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