10 days of Absolute Heath

Sometimes all you need is a little kick start into a new phase of your life; how better to start a relationship with better health then with a little challenge.

My husband goes away on silent meditation retreats, for ten days at a time, to sit and reflect on life and just be. Cellphones, computers, and least of all pen and paper are not allowed at these centers as to keep the student deeply connected with his practice. So much for communication with the outside world.

In reaction to this I used to cry and mope around all day at his absence, now I look at it as a reprieve from wifely duties, I eat when I want, what I want, sleep where I want, when I want, and chores be damned. If loneliness does creep in, which it always dose, then I hit the for a yoga class, go swimming at the spa, or for a ride on one of the horses. Sometimes I attempt big projects like redecorating the kitchen or building a new entertaining space.

This time around, to ground myself for another long ten days of silence from my partner, I decided to do a challenge; ten days of absolute health.

Im starting with a blog entry every day about what I ate during this challenge and what I did that was healthy, focusing on the positives.

I’m asking my friend, a single mom who lives in the country, to do the same; she is going to tell me what she did that’s health positive and I’ll share that with you here.

My current physical challenges is 100 crunches a day, and a minute wall sit for each day of the challenge.

The next and biggest challenge…. to not buy any junk food for ten days. Notice I say buy, that’s because the junk in the house is dwindling and I’m going to permit myself to indulge until it’s gone. (Do I eat the last two cookies or save them for a moment of weekends???? 😝)

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