First day of healthiness.

You know the saying ‘first day of the rest of your life?’ Today is that day!

At least for 9 more days… today I started my day with poached eggs seasoned with herbs from my garden, practiced my new yoga routine on the back of an Appaloosa, and made a meal out of my home grown greens.

I completed my challenge of 100 crunches, and a one minute wall sit. All in all it was a very for filling day.

In day one of the 10 day challenge, I don’t feel that there’s much in the way of challenges for the day, I had my two cookies that I ration of course a half a Starbucks latte sitting in the fridge waiting for me. So I indulged on the first day.

Tomorrow I get my first yoga on horseback lesson, you can see a little bit of what I plan to be doing in the video I posted here.

Checking with my friend, here’s what she had to say about her day on this 10 day challenge:

Me drinking my morning protein shake: Arbonne chocolate. I mix it with Arbonne fiber supplement and water and half a cup of organic plain Greek yogurt. 240 calories total. If you’re vegan using almond milk is another great way to boost the calories/flavor/creaminess.

She did all of that after her morning work out routine including the 100 crunches! Nice work lady!

If anybody else wants to join in the challenge you can comment on what you did healthy today!

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