Day 4

Today was one of those days where everything just irked me. I woke up with a bellyache, and just felt lethargic all the way around. I had a ton of errands to run in town, and the frustration of driving through the crowded streets just pushed me over the edge. I ran to one of my comfort’s, a Starbucks latte and a cookie. I don’t even hate myself for in the least, I actually felt better after the sugar and caffeine hit my bloodstream. Which allowed me to work some in the sewing studio and in the garden.

So much is changing so quickly, and with Mike being away it is a challenge to keep things going in a positive light direction. Just a lot weighing on my shoulders, and not a whole lot of friendly advice to go around.

When life hands us these days I think it’s very important that we reminder selves that it’s temporary, take a hot bath if that’s our thing, and carry-on with our 10 day challenge. After I write this I fully intend to do my 100+ sit ups and my four minute wall sit.

Tomorrow is another day! It’ll be better than this one and it’s my job to stay positive with everything.

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